Life Jackets Re-Engineered.;Re-Designed.

Approved by the INDIAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING (IRS), complying with the latest SOLAS regulations


BEETEE SOLAS LIFEJACKET A-1, ADULT (PFD) – Rescue and water safety

The BEETEE® SOLAS LIFEJACKET A-1, ADULT (PFD) Life jacket is a sleeveless buoyant jacket for keeping a person afloat in water.

It is is comfortable to wear within a period of 1 minute without assistance, guidance or prior demonstration and capable of being worn in only one way, allowing the wearer to jump into the water from a height without injury.

We have developed these products by making use of quality tested raw materials and sophisticated technologies.

We provide best & high quality marine safety lifebuoys & navigational lights

Key Highlights

BEETEE® SOLAS LIFEJACKET A-1, ADULT (PFD) is approved by the INDIAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING (IRS) as per latest International SOLAS regulations, Certificate Number 2016TAC027 dated 12 April 2016 valid till 11th April 2021

Weight : 1.000- 1.100 Kgs

Dimensions: length 45 cms X  68 cms X 8cms

Floatability of above 16.5 kgs

Comfortable to wear with a shirt like fit. Extremely lightweight and slim in design it can be donned in one way only, in a period of 1 minute without assistance, guidance or prior demonstration

Has heavy duty buckles for fastening

Has sufficient buoyancy, with 7 pieces of 10mm foam each in the front and 2 pieces of 10mm foam each in the back, to lift the mouth of an unconscious wearer not less than 120mm clear of the water as per latest SOLAS & LSA Regulations

The materials used for the covers, tapes and seams of the BEETEE® SOLAS LIFEJACKET  A-1, ADULT (PFD) are tested as per ISO 12402-7, at Government approved laboratories to establish that they are rot proof, colorfast and resistant to deterioration from exposure to sunlight and are not unduly affected by seawater, oil, fungal attack and meet all criteria of tensile and strength

Shows no deterioration after immersion in Diesel Oil for 24 hours

Meets the – Body strength and shoulder strength test prescribed in SOLAS, Regulations, wherein a load of 326 & 90 kgs respectively are attached for a period of 30 minutes and then there is no physical deterioration in the Lifejacket

Fitted with Approved Retro Reflective Tape of 31”  at four strategically high places on the Lifejacket for immediate and maximum visibility

Does not sustain burning or continue melting after being totally enveloped in a fire for a period of 2 seconds

Fixed with a buddy line of 1.5 meters for rescue as per latest specifications

A special feature of BEETEE® SOLAS LIFEJACKET A-1, ADULT (PFD) is that being extremely slim and lightweight it can be easily stacked and stored, saving valuable storage space

Meets SOLAS 74 as amended, Reg III/4 . III/7.1, III/34, X/3 LSA CODE, REG.I/1.2 and II/2.1.1, MSC.207(81), IMO Resolution MSC 81(70), MSC 200 (80) , MSC 226(82) and International Code of Safety for High Speed Craft 1994 & 2000 Chapter 8 standards

We are a ISO 9001-2008 certified company maintaining high quality standards


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