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Approved by the INDIAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING (IRS), complying with the latest SOLAS regulations

Introducing the Incredible


With more than four decades of experience in the field of Industrial Safety Products, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Lifebuoys. We have developed these products by making use of quality tested raw materials and sophisticated technologies.

A perfect lifebuoy made of polyurethane foam in orange colour (uv protected)

Absolutely tough, can withstand any amount of rough handling

Approved by the INDIAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING (IRS), complying with the latest SOLAS regulations

Requires no maintenance

We provide best & high quality marine safety products

Key Highlights

BEETEE® SOLAS LIFEBUOY LBPU > 2.5 Kgs and >4.0 Kgs are approved by the INDIAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING (IRS) as per latest International SOLAS regulations, Certificate Number 2016TAC012 DATED 10.2.2016

Capable of supporting a weight of 14.5 Kgs for 24 hours without any effect on the Lifebuoy

Evenly formed and is free from any type of metal parts

Fitted with Solas approved Retro Reflective Tape 2” X 12” at four equi-distant points

Dimensions as per latest SOLAS regulations: OD : 75.5 cms and ID: 44.0 cms

Has a grab line of 5.5 meters, 10-12 mm thickness, and 38 mm circumference having a breaking strength of above 500 kgs

BEETEE(r) SOLAS LIFEBUOY LBPU are available in > 2.5 Kgs and also >4.0 Kgs

Shows no deterioration after immersion in Diesel Oil for 24 hours

Shows no melting or burning after exposure to Fire for 5 seconds

Shows no damage after being dropped 3 times from a height of 2 meters on a concrete floor

Shows no breaks, cracks or any permanent deformation when dropped into the water from a height of 30 metres

Strength Test: Shows no cracks, breaks or deformation after a load of 90 kgs is attached for a period of 30 minutes

Meets SOLAS 74 as amended, Reg III/4. III/7.1, III/34, X/3 LSA CODE, REG.I/1.2 and II/2.1.1, MSC.207(81)IMO Resolution MSC 81(70), MSC 200 (80), MSC 226(82) International Code of Safety for High Speed Craft 1994 & 2000 Chapter 8 standards

 We are a ISO 9001-2008 certified company maintaining high quality

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